With new star cats! The 4th year “Neko-Break Exhibition” from January 25th Gathering cats, from artworks not published on SNS to new winter artworks of creators with 3 million followers in total

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Expo name Neko-Break Exhibition Winter 2019
Date Fri 25/1/2019〜 Sun 24/2/2019
Opening hours 11:00-19:00
Closed Mondays [open on February 11th
asakusabashi5-27-6 5F taito-ku tokyo-to 〒111-0053
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500JPY / Free for children of 3-year-old or under

BACON CO., LTD. is going to hold the winter main festival of joint photo & goods sales exhibition of popular cat creators “Neko-Break Exhibition” with more than 550,000 visitors in total from Friday January 25th 2019 to Sunday February 24th in TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Asakusabashi, Tokyo). This is the 4th year of “Neko-Break Exhibition”. This winter exposition will be consisted mainly of new artworks and with the largest number of exhibitors / largest size!

Gathering popular cats! Full of topics, the winter main festival of “Neko-Break Exhibition”!

The number of total SNS followers of exhibitors are more than 3 millions. Creators are going to exhibit artworks in winter taste. Most of the exhibited items will be the new artworks. Also, there will be a number of artworks that are not published on SNS. You can enjoy from the Pop-up store of “Mashimaro” by popular creator Sakasu Akari to the “Your beloved cat event”, in this festival full of cats!

New Pop-up store of “Mashimaro” by popular creator Sakasu Akari!
In the special booth on site, there will be a Pop-up store
of Mashimaro under the theme of “Mashimaro Teahouse:
Japanese Sweets”. There will be various exclusive goods
such as masking tape (Ohagi ver., Ichigo Daifuku ver.). Also, there will be the portfolio picture book of popular goods sold exclusively so it’s a must-see!

Chance event in which RUBIA-ARGYO would make the stuffed doll of your beloved cat!
There will be an event in which RUBIA-ARGY, stuffed doll creator who’ve made star cats stuffed dolls of Fuchan, Urachan and Hoichan in the past exhibition, would create the stuffed doll of your beloved cat, only for the one winner selected in a drawing. Moreover, there will be also an original mask for cat just like other star cats!
This is a gift for the one winner selected in a drawing among those who applied during the exhibition.
Please refer the official website for detail.

”Momo to Mirai” is joining among star cats. First time exhibition & participation!!
New participating artist, who publishes daily life with 9 cats (Momo, Zuzu, Chacha, Chichi, Ruru, Mofumofu, Usshi Shirocha and Bibi), will exhibit artworks of great nature and beloved cats!

Star cats Amekamu will be on a lens cleaner!!
Collaboration of Amekanu, cat popular with sleeping figure in small bed, and Utugi, a handmade creator. Cute figure of Amekanu will be on lens cleaner & Kleenex cover and sold exclusively on site.