The largest of all “Neko-Break Exhibition”! There will also be an abroad exhibition !
From July 28th to August 27th in Asakusabashi and from August 9th to 28th in Niigata Mitsukoshi
~”Neko-Break Exhibition” is going abroad! There will be an exhibition in HongKong~

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Neko break exhibition It is held also in Niigata Mitsukoshi!


Expo name Neko-Break Exhibition Summer 2017
Date Fri 28/7/2017〜 Sun 27/8/2017
Opening hours 11:00-19:00
Closed Mondays
asakusabashi5-27-6 5F taito-ku tokyo-to 〒111-0053
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500JPY / free for children of 3 year’s old or smaller
Host Corporation BACON

BACON co. ltd., is going to hold the Summer Main festival of “Neko-Break Exhibition”, a joint photo/product sales exhibition of popular cat creators with more than 200,000 visitors, in TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO in Asakusabashi, Tokyo from July 28th to August 27th, and the visiting ominibus exhibition from August 9th to 28th in Niigata Mitsukoshi. Also, we are going to hold abroad exhibition in HongKong for the first time.
※This Main Festival will have the largest exhibitors and in the largest scale!

We offer original postcard with Star cat “Urachan”drawn by Asari Fukushima to first 3,000 visitors! Also, as a first edition of official booklet and also as a present for those who purchase more than 2500 JPY, we offer Fuchan’s clearfile. ※Both will end when we run out of stock.

For the first time, photos by “Kokonya”, popular as Shoji breaking cat gang, will be exhibited!

For the first time, Kokonya(@kokonananya)’s photos popular in SNS with Sabami and Torami who climb Shoji freely and 4 other cats will exhibit!

Collaboration of braided hat with fallen hair×Star cat!

rojiman, who published new “Cat, fallen hair braided hat cute collection”, will exhibit new hat with Fuchan’s fallen hair! There will be a number of new goods sales such as fallen hair summer collection and paper fan.

In summer, we wear star cat!?

We will offer one body sticker of star cats (Fuchan, Nagomu, Hoinushi) drawn by ChoHikaru, a painting artist, out of three sorts only on weekdays! We will put it on the part you choose such as shoulder, hand or leg. Anyone can enjoy realistic painting body sticker.
※You can’t choose the sort of sticker
※Please understand that you can’t bring it with you without putting on to your body.
Offer day: Tuesdays to Fridays in July and August from 11:00, it will end when we finish the amount for the day

”Mashimarou” is now a stuffed animal!

Mashimarou, popular character of Sakasu Akari, becomes stuffed animal with many requests and exclusively in “Neko-Break Exhibition”. It’s a very rare item with limited number only available in the Main Festival and in Niigata!

Exclusive on site!! Variety of star cat collaboration series!

Skog Marknad
Star cat allstar by Skog Marknad which gained attention in Winter festival is now in new design! New design with star cat hoippu and Donguri are available!

Official booklet popular with collaboration with painting artist ChouHikaru will be completely new for the latter year version. Cover design is cat’s world by Q-TA, worldly famous collage artist. The first edition comes with clear-file of Asari Fukushima×Fuchan (limited).
Will be available on official website on July 28th

Q-TA profile

Art director/Designer/Collage artist
With his original interpretation of surrealism in high fashion and pop collage&visual artworks, works around the world such as GUCCI art project “#GucciGram”, 2017SS collection of Viktor&Rolf and La Coste.