Cho Hikaru “Cho Animal Exhibition SP” in Asakusabashi from January 5th to 20th!
So impressive, there will also be a live paining of huge boar, the animal symbol of 2019, on the wall

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Expo name Cho Animal Exhibition SP
Date Sat 5/1/2019〜 Sun 20/1/2019
Opening hours 11:00-19:00
Closed Nothing
asakusabashi5-27-6 5F taito-ku tokyo-to 〒111-0053
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500 JPYJPY / Free for children of 3-year-old or under

From cat / bird / imaginary animal to extinct dinosaur with real-painting so popular all over the world?!
BACON CO., LTD is going to hold the individual exhibition “Cho Animal Exhibition SP” in collaboration with the artist, Cho Hikaru, from Saturday January 5th 2019 to Sunday 20th in TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Asakusabshi, Tokyo).

Wander again in weird zoo!? What’s “Cho Animal Exhibition SP”..

In this exhibition, the first one in 2019, there will be a live painting of huge boar, the animal symbol of 2019, on a wall! Please enjoy the touch of her brush right in front of you. As for exhibition, there will be “imaginary animal” such as hedgehog who is also french fry, new artworks of body painting and 3D artworks that were popular at the last exhibition. Also, there will be a gift of original postcard to the first 2,000 visitors.

Cho special! Rare original drawing exhibition & the first time drawing sale

Though exhibiting the original drawing is very rare, this time, there will be new artworks for sale on this exhibition. You can bring the world of Cho to your house.

New goods of popular Omu-azarashi and others!

Don’t miss handmade stuffed animal!
・Stuffed Omu-Azarashi, limited in number, 4000 JPY

Cho Hikaru will be on site on weekends! There will be experience-based event

Date present on site, January 2019: 5th, 13th, 20th
(1) Live painting on site!
Saturday January 5th 2019, 11:00-18:00
(2) A gift of “Food portrait series” which makes human into food! Sunday January 13th 2019. 13:00-18:00
Reservation required: Only for the first 10 people There will be a numbered ticket on the day
(3) Drawing directly on the body! You can experience body-painting! Sunday January 20th 2019, 13:00-16:00
*You can watch Cho Hikaru’s live painting in front of you.


New body painting in video corner!

In video corner with large projector, there will be a video of Cho Hikaru painting new body paint.

Cho Hikaru’s profile

Cho Hikaru
March 29th 1993, born in Tokyo.
2016 Graduated Musashino Art University Visual Communication Design division.
Her artwork of realistic painting on body and objects became popular in and out of Japan. Been on various TV programs such as “Waratteiitomo”, collaborated with companies such as Samsung, Amnesty International, Shiseido, TOYOBO and holding individual exhibition in and out of Japan. Published “SUPER FLASH GIRLS, Cho Flash Girls” and “Strange Funny Love”, “Figures of Extinct Animals”

Beauty, cuteness, toughness and ephemerality of animals. I made exhibited artworks from various perspective such as illustration, 3D and body painting in order to express such relation between human and animals. I hope you could find the one that you can’t stop loving.

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