“Small Animal Exhibition” full of cuteness in Shizuoka from March 15th to 24th
Gathering artworks of SNS starts and limited itesm♪
From April 5th to 21st in Hiroshima / From April 27th to May 12th in Nagoya

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Expo name Small Animal Exhibition
Date Fri 5/4/2019〜 Sun 21/4/2019
Opening hours 10:00-20:30
Closed nothing
Address Hiroshima Parco
2-1, shintenchi New building 5th floor, special event space Nakaku, Hiroshima-sh hiroshima 〒730-0035
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500JPY / free for children of 3 year’s old or smaller
Host BACON Co. Ltd.,

BACON CO., LTD. is going to hold spring visiting exhibition of “Small Animal Exhibition”, photo & goods sales exhibition of small animals full of cuteness such as hedgehog, hamster and squirrel in Shizuoka PARCO from Friday March 15th 2019 to Sunday March 24th. Moreover, there will be the first time exhibition in Hiroshima PARCO from Friday April 5th to Sunday April 21st and another visiting exhibition in Nagoya from Saturday April 27th to Sunday May 12th!

【Festival of small animals gathering altogether!! New limited artworks and goods for this spring visiting exhibition!?】
Festival of photo and goods sales of round-formed small animals such as hedgehog, hamster and squirrel will visit 3 cities.
The total SNS followers of creators is more than 1 million and there will be more than 250 artworks exhibited. It’s a rare chance to see the original artworks.
From this visiting exhibition, Chinkara is joining. Unitan (@_unn1mm3) and Popo (@popo_mr219) popular in Instagram with their fluffy figure will exhibited on site!
Also, there will be hedgehog “Hari-House, my house” (@harihousebokunchi) and Ichigo & Chiyoko (@ichigo_chiyoco). For goods sale, Pojiro (@pokojir_art) popular with realistic goods will be there!!
Moreover, the most beloved squirrel of the world Bikke the chip(@bikke the chip) with more than 110,000 followers and Pizzatoru (@pizzatoru) with its stylish clothes will be on site! For goods sales, Kyariham popular with cute hamster reversible coaster and yuki komatsu familiar with hedgehog hat will be on site! There are various goods exclusive on site.

■ First time workshop in which you can create hair elastic of wool felt and original hat of small animal! (Only in Shizuoka PARCO)
Instructor: Kyariham
Creation: Original wool felt hair elastic with hamster bud pompon
Fee: Decided tomorrow before noon
Date: Friday March15th, Saturday March 16th

In structor: yuki komatsu
Creation: hat of small animal
Fee: 2,500 JPY
Date: Sunday March 24th
※Please refer to the official website for detail.

【What’s “Marutto Beastie Exhibition?”】
“Marutto” means “all” in Japanese dialect of Tokai region. The definition of “Beastie” is quite vague and it may include rabbit, small bird and penguin as a larger category. In this exhibition, we develop artwork space focusing on beastie in order for visitors to enjoy “Marutto” beastie and their unique roundness.