“Cats All Over” in Winter!
New exposition of the “neko-break exhibition” which had 200,000 visitors so far with new artworks and new events from January 27th
- Unprecedented Collaboration of Special Event of “Cat’s day” on February 22nd & Cat Vacation Expo -

This event was finished.


Expo name Neko Break Exhibition Winter 2017
Date Fri 27/1/2017〜 Sun 26/2/2017
Opening hours 11:00-19:00
Closed Mondays
asakusabashi 5-27-6 5F Taito-ku Tokyo 〒111-0053
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500JPY /Free for children under 3 year old
Host BACON Co., Ltd.

BACON Co., Ltd. Holds “Cat Vacation Expo Winter 2017” (regular festival) which is a collaboration of popular cat creators’ photos & product selling exposition of cute cats that “make you feel unwind only by watching” in TODAY GALLE SYUDIO (Asakusabashi, Tokyo) from Friday January 27th 2017 to Sunday February 26th 2017. “neko-break exhibition” was first held on August 2015 and it had more than 200,000 visitors so far together with regular festivals on new artwork basis and tour expo or theme expo all over Japan. For the “regular festival” this time, there will be exposition of new artworks and a number of limited collaboration goods sale. Also, there will be a special event on “cat’s day” on February 22nd. As a special present, we will offer “Star Cats’Supper” postcard to first 5,000 visitors, which is a collaboration with “Cat acation Museum”.

Highlight of ”neko-break exhibition Winter 2017” [Artworks Exposition – Exposition of new artworks exclusively in this regular festival -]


・“Nagomu”(@matsumotoooooo):New artworks called “Kinagomu Karuta”
・“Wasabichanchi”(@jessiepon):New artworks exhibition with new photo book and also limited goods
・“Donguri”(@akihimatandon11):First time exposition of Oppiroge artworks in regular festival
・rojiman(@rojiman): he latest collection with “hat with fallen hair” and also the exhibition of the actual hat
・Exposition of “Star Cats’Supper” by Ai Shinomiya which was exhibited in 2016 in “Cat Vacation Museum”. In addition, there will be popular members such as “Fuchan” the star cat with crestfallen face, “Frachan” the white beauty cat, Miruko the agravity cat and the photographer Aoitori who is famous for “snot bubble cat”.

Goods – The largest collaboration festival in the history of Neko-break exhibition! –

There will be a lot of limited collaboration goods only available on site. For product selling, there will be a number of collaboration items limited to this festival. It’s perfect for the souvenir of not Tokyo but the Star Cats.

1.skogmarknad× tar Cats All star Limited Goods

・Masking Tape Only 150 850 JPY (tax excluded) ※Limited to 3/person
・There will be limited goods such as mug, note and pouch
・Popular “Cat Fortune lip” will be in tar Cats version in collaboration with skogmarknad
・Original Shop Bag finish limited to regular festival

2.RUBIA-A GYI×White Beauty Cat, stuffed “Frachan” 2,700 JPY(tax excluded)

UBIA-A GYI,the popular staffed animal creator famous for warm handmade animals who made the gigantic stuffed “Fuchan” exhibited in Takashimaya Nihonbashi/ Takasaki. his time, she collaborated with the white beauty cat
“Urachan” and there will be the 2nd handmade stuffed cats limited sales on site.

3.Popular Character of akasu Akari, “Mashimaro” in collaboration with “Fuchan” & rojiman

・Mashimaro×Fuchan Acrylic Key Holder Only 100 650 JPY (tax excluded)
・Mashimaro×rojiman fallen hair collection Acrylic Key Holder Only 100 650 JPY (tax excluded)

4.As the 3rd special goods of “Cat itself” (Kobunsha) with plenty of allure of cat, displayed clear file will be given as a gift to those who purchase.

here will be various on site limited goods such as resell of popular clear file, batch or limited goods.
※ All items are limited in number so it will be finished as soon as it’s sold out

Official booklet – Official booklet including non-published/non-exhibited artworks will be sold exclusively-

Original Star Cats painting cover designed by “Hikaru Cho”, the painting artist. It includes not only popular artworks and exhibited artworks but also non-published/non-exhibited artworks.

※The photo is a sample image.

Special event on “Cat’s day”

Special event on “Cat’s day” on February 22nd (nyan,nyan,nyan which means meow in Japanese)
[One time event on Thursday February 22nd]

1.Present of Original goods

“Star Cats Original Sticky (not for sale)” which is the collaboration with skogmarknad will be offered to to the first 50 visitors!

2.Present of portrait in cat

“Hikaru Cho” the painting artist who drew the cover of the booklet will draw visitor’s face in portrait in cat and offer it! Hours :11:00-16:00 there will be a break