Spoiled “Hoichan”, the white-brown cat will hijack the summer festival!
Individual exhibition full of photo and goods of Hoichan with 280,000 followers, from July 26th

This event was finished.


Expo name Whole Hoichan Exhibition in Summer Festival
Date Fri 26/7/2019〜 Sun 1/9/2019
Opening hours 11:00-19:00
Closed Mondays [Open on Monday August 12 without compensating holiday]
asakusabashi5-27-6 5F taito-ku tokyo 〒111-0053
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500JPY / Free for children of 3-year-old or under

BACON CO., LTD is going to hold “Whole Hoichan Exhibition in Summer Festival”, a spin-off exhibition of joint photo & goods sales exhibition of cat, “Neko Break Exhibition” with more than 650,000 visitors, in TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Asakusabashi, Tokyo) from Friday July 26th 2019 to Sunday September 1st. It’s the summer version of popular Hoichan! You can enjoy Hoichan festival with yo-yo and mask.

■ Let’s dance with Hoichan Ondo in summer festival♪
“Hoippu”, the popular spoiled cat in “Neko Break Exhibition” will have individual exhibition under the theme of “summer festival”. Site will be decorated like summer festival and there will be number of summer festival version limited goods on site! Also, there will be an event in special booth for the first visitors with the gift of original Hoichan yo-yo.

■ Must-see, photo spot of Hoichan drawn by the artist, Cho Hikaru!
Worldly famous painting artist, Cho Hikaru will challenge Hoichan trick art painting only in this summer festival! On the day of the event, Cho Hikaru will be on site to directly paint.

■ Forget the heat of summer! Movie corner of Hoichan!
In the special booth on site, you can enjoy the relaxing video of Hoichan which can be taken only by the Hoi-master.