“Neko-Break Exhibition” with more than 500,000 total visitors is coming to Sapporo! From September 14th with fallen hair art, large wooden plaque, and Neko bench

This event was finished.


Expo name Neko-Break Exhibition in Sapporo
Date Fri 14/9/2018〜 Mon 8/10/2018
Opening hours 10:00-20:00
Closed Mondays
Address sapporo parco
hokkaido 〒
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500JPY / 3歳以下は入場無料

“Neko-Break Exhibition” has more than 500,000 visitors since its start in the summer of 2015! With more than 3 million total SNS followers, more than 250 exhibited artworks together with popular artworks of the main festival with the latest artworks. There will be more than 1,000 goods sales including exclusive goods of star cat series in collaboration with Skog Marknad and goods exclusive on Sapporo site.

Can you count how many cats are there!? First time in Sapporo, maximum-relaxing bench!

First time in Sapporo, Neko bench, the 3D artwork in collaboration with RUBIA-ARGYI, stuffed doll creator! Among cats sawn to bench, there are star cat Fuchan, Hoippu and Ura- chan, so you can have fun finding them. We plan to have a quiz with present to count how many cats are there.

After S-Pulse! Grampus, and now, the collaboration with Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo!
rojiman who is famous for cat fallen hair artwork have collaborated with Shimizu S-pulse and Nagoya Grampus in the past to create mascot! In this exhibition, the new challenge with fallen hair artwork will be the Dole of Hokkaido Consadole.

The latest wooden plaque that is said to make your dream come true!
It’s the “Neko-Break large wooden plaque” installed at the entrance of the site. In this large artwork with star cat Ura-chan, after Donguri, Fuchan, visitors can write their own wishes. Moreover, there will also be cat paper fortune!