“Bird’s Tale Exhibition”, first visiting exhibition in Shizuoka!
Capturing the “beauty of instance” of parakeet and sparrow… to visionary bird

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Expo name “Bird’s Tale Exhibition in Shizuoka”
Date Fri 29/3/2019〜 Sun 14/4/2019
Opening hours 10:00~20:00
Closed nothing
Address Shizuoka PARCO
5F Event space, 6-7 Konyamachi, shizuokashi,aoiku shizuoka 〒420-0852
Phone 03-5809-3917
Entrance Fee 500JPY /Free for children of 3-year-old and younger
Host BACON Co. Ltd.,

BACON CO., LTD. is going to hold “Bird’s Tale Exhibition in Shizuoka”, joint photo & goods sales exhibition where you can meet beautiful birds from tale, in Shizuoka PARCO from Friday March 29th, 2019 to Sunday April 14th. It’s the first visiting exhibition with a number of new creators. There will be a gift of original postcard to visitors!

■What’s Tori Story Exhibition?
Ordinarily wild birds such as sparrow and crow, pet bird such as parakeet and African Grey and rare bird you can never see unless you go deep into the mountain… In this exhibition, we gather artworks under the theme of “instant beauty” of birds. Also, for goods sales, there will be various handmade goods. There will be artworks that not only are beautiful but also make us imagine the story within that instant.

In this exhibition, popular creators publishing their artworks in SNS such as RyoichiSakai(@ryoichisakai) and akipooh(@_akipooh_) with more than 30,000 followers and tokyoshiori(@tokyoshiori) popular with the beauty of instance. Also, SAORI(@ramune0123), who will decorate the wall beautifully with cute pacific parrotlets, will be joining with photo from this visiting exhibition.
For goods sales, “Mokopen” (@mocopeng) with stationery goods and sundry goods with motif of penguin, BIRDSTORY(@Birdstory_pic) popular with comical and cute small bird goods and Minami Yamagishi popular with snow fairy, long-tailed tit, goods would join us for the first time! There will also fluffy wool felt of kiki, the little bird sundry goods, and parakeet goods of Yutoriya will be there again with new goods!